Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Museum Trip

Kia ora whanau!

Today was our trip to the City Gallery! A big thank you to the parents who helped and to everyone for assisting in plastic bags for students morning tea.
Unfortunately we only got to see three of five exhibits due to a leaking pipe in the museum. We all enjoyed what we saw none the less.
There was one piece that consisted of 80 photographs that were taken in New Zealand and England, displaying the journey of the artists family. Students were asked to stand by images that made them feel particularly homely. Interestingly the picture of sausages on a barbecue did this for most! You will have to head along to see the rest.
The image I have attached is of another artwork we saw which is (as you can see) an intricately carved piano. I have included this image because if you book in you can get a chance to use this piano for a small chunk of time if that is your sort of thing!

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